Cardio and Interval Classes

Our cardio, strength and interval training classes are an ideal way for you to build strength throughout the body and increase your general fitness.


Every good studio has a strong circuit-based programme. This mixed impact station-based class targets all areas of the body using a variety of exercises and equipment.

Strength Circuits

Want more strength in your circuit class? This is the ultimate simultaneous challenge of muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. This circuit class can be brutal and will test your ability to exert maximum muscle effort for short periods of time.

Pump Circuits

This station-based class incorporates barbells to help you tone and strengthen, giving you a full-body workout. This can be suitable for beginners as you can work with the barbell only.


This great cardiovascular class is high intensity, but low impact – ideal for those with joint issues who want a fantastic calorie-burner without the pain! 

Indoor Bootcamp

Push it to the limit! This interval training class uses drills, where you will be pushing and pulling weights, battle ropes, sand bags and more in order to get the most from your workout.


An indoor cycling experience for all levels and abilities in an inspiring group atmosphere.

Book Your Class Online

You can book our classes online up to two weeks in advance, whether you’re a member or a pay-as-you-go customer. To book online, visit our online booking portal.

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