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At The Pulse Dursley we have over 1,500 children currently on our Learn to Swim Programme. Our Learn to Swim Programme is suitable for children from birth until they are of a competent swimming ability.

Lessons are available 7 days a week, either after school or weekends. Here’s what some of our parents have to say …

My daughter has been attending Stage 2 lessons for the last three weeks. The progress that she has made from very little confidence and skill in such a short space of time is unbelievable. The instructors are amazing and so skilled at supporting each child. The online portal is fantastic too and so responsive to each session. Huge thanks to all involved, so impressed.
– September 2018

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Little Ducks Swim School

Our Little Ducks Swim School provides a safe and friendly environment as the foundation stage to a childs swimming journey. The lessons will be Educational for both adults and children. Our lessons will develop confidence both in and out of the water, develop aquatic and safety skills, together with supporting first aid opportunities.

On completion of the Little Ducks Swim School children can move to our Learn to Swim programme which will take them through Stages 1-7 of the ASA National Teaching Plan for Swimming.

These lessons run on a Monday morning, Wednesday lunchtime and Thursday morning.

Stage 1: Pre School Lessons

Pre School Lessons run as part of our Junior Learn to Swim Programme.

Pre School Lessons are suitable for pre school children ages from 3½ until they start school in our Pre School Lessons the instructor teaches in the water and there are a maximum of 6 pupils per class. These lessons work on developing basic water confidence.


Stages 2 – 7: Junior Learn to Swim Programme

Our Junior Learn to Swim Programme runs each evening and on the weekends. We follow the ASA National Teaching Plan, to ensure that your child progresses as quickly as possible. In some cases we may ask that you bring your child along to a public swimming session so that we can accurately assess their ability and direct you to the correct class.

Swimming lessons run over a continuous programme of 50 weeks. You can start your child’s learn to swim experience at any point during the year. Children are assessed weekly and are moved up when they are ready. If you would like your child to start swimming lessons please call 01453 546441 and we will be able to advise as to which lessons would best suit your child.


Aquatic Development Squad

The aquatic development programme is a progression from the Learn to Swim programme. It will develop a swimmer’s skills, specifying them into their certain discipline, whether it is development into Competitive Swimming, Lifesaving, Synchronized Swimming or just swimming for fun. Also included in the aquatic development programme is the youth volunteering programme, aimed at older 14 year olds + to give them an opportunity to introduce them into teaching swimming, lifesaving, synchronized swimming and to understand lifeguard duties.

There will be several options for swimmers entering this stage of their aquatic development, which will not be limited to one route.

Aquatic Development Squad Swimming

The Aquatic Development Squad Swimming is for children who would like to continue to swim once they have completed our Junior Learn to Swim Programme after Stage 7b. The aim of the Aquatic Development Squad Swimming is to provide an introduction to swimming as a sport. Within this we are aiming to increase stamina and develop swimming technique as well as learning skills for competitive swimming. This stage in a child’s swimming development can be used for fitness, or a stepping stone towards attending a swimming club. We have great links with Dursley Dolphins Swimming Club and Severn Side Tritons Swimming Club.
Within the Aquatic Development Squad Swimming we have used the ASA stages 8, 9 and 10 outcomes, as well as additional outcomes set by our swim development team to determine the criteria for progression. Below are the basic achievements for each of our Squads in the programme.

Squad 1

This squad will start to build endurance, allowing the swimmer to be able to swim at least 400m with an ASA expected standard stroke. Learn how to perform all four stroke turns which they will start to use during their swim sessions. Diving blocks will start to be used in order to gain more confidence at entering the water at height.

Squad 2

This squad will continue to build endurance, allowing the swimmer to be able to swim at least 800m with an ASA expected standard stroke. Be able to swim 100m on 3 strokes with legal turns and learn how to perform starts in all 4 strokes. Diving blocks will continue to be used in order to work towards diving in from height.

Squad 3

This squad will continue to build endurance, allowing the swimmer to be able to swim at least 1500m with an ASA expected standard stroke. Be able to use the correct turns consistently throughout their swim session and learn how to perform relay takeovers. Diving blocks will continued to be used in order to work towards being able to perform a racing dive from height.

Squad 4

This squad will continue to improve personal bests for all four swimming strokes, over a range of distances, by developing speed and stamina. Swimmers will still continue to work on technique and competitive swimming skills, and will have the opportunity to complete the Competitive Start Award. They will continue to swim and develop their fitness, and have the opportunity to develop their swimming knowledge and deliver to the younger swimmers, through our volunteering programme.
Children entering into the squad swimming structure are strongly advised to swim twice a week, in order to build speed, strength and endurance.


Private Tuition

If your child requires more individual attention that is not always possible in a group lesson, then Private Tuition is for you. After discussing your requirements, you will be paired up with an instructor, who we feel will be more beneficial to your needs. Each weekly lesson lasts half an hour and can be on a one to one or a one to two basis. Private tuition is bookable in blocks of 10 weeks.

Due to the popularity of private tuition, we operate a waiting list. If you wish to be added to this list then please contact the centre on 01453 546441.


Lifesaving Club

Lifesaving Club is aimed at 6 – 12 year olds who would like to learn lifesaving skills and water safety in a fun and safe way. The only criteria to join are that they must be able to swim 25 metres on both their front & back and be able to tread water for one minute.

Sessions usually include a mix of swimming, lifesaving skills, personal safety and resuscitation, where once perfected, your child will have the opportunity to gain awards, as they progress through the years.

Junior Lifesaving Club takes place at the Pulse on a Saturday morning between the hours of 8.00am and 9.00am.


Synchronised Swimming

Synchro has been incorporated into our swim programme, initially as a school holiday activity. As a result of this activity’s popularity, it has been added to our Learn to Swim Programme as a weekly lesson, offered as an exit route for swimmers who are keen to continue their aquatic participation, but not wishing to continue onto lane swimming. Swimmers are welcomed into Synchro from the Junior Learn to Swim Programme, once they have completed Stage 5 and above.

Our Synchro sessions have been designed to provide swimmers with the basics of movement to music and timing. Skills include development of treading water, sculling and basic synchronised swimming shapes, working through activities as individuals, pairs and groups.

Synchro sessions are programmed during the holidays as a week intensive, together with a weekly lesson currently running on a Friday at 4.20pm.


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