Strength and Tone Classes

Our strength and tone classes are perfect for those who want to target different areas of the body or use equipment to improve their strength.


An ‘all body conditioning’ toning class that gets every muscle group working to shape your body. No equipment is used during this workout.

Pulse Barre

This class will help you focus on postural strength and alignments. Using the principles of dance and Pilates, this class focuses on core strength, lower body, and flexibility. Ballet barres are used to support you throughout the class.

Fit Ball

The same concept as above, and as challenging! The exercises are progressed quicker and the degree of difficulty is increased. Easier alternatives are given so that you can work at your own level.

Core Blimey

This core blast will work your abdominals and strengthen your lower back. Classes are short and ideal for anyone with a busy schedule or for those who want to sandwich their workout with other classes or the gym.

Kettle Bell

A weight-based class that combines cardiovascular ballistic movements with strength. This class is taught in a pure strength formation, as part of a circuit or a mix of both. The variety is endless, and you’ll feel the difference after each class.

Les Mills Pump

This weight-based class is set to music and overloads the muscle groups, helping you to achieve a lean, toned physique. It’s ideal for anyone new to strength training, as you can work with the bar only and progress at your own pace as your fitness improves. You can also try Les Mills classes at home with the Les Mills on Demand app.


A fusion of Pilates, yoga and strength training. This is not a soft option – you’ll move from standing to floor and back again within a sequence of moves. This class burns calories, tones muscles, improves balance and gives you strength.


Our TRX suspension training uses bodyweight exercises to build core stability and muscular strength. These classes are taught in smaller groups so ideal for both new exercisers and fitness fanatics.

Glutes, Arms and Abs

This class will tackle all of your wobbly bits in a 30-minute workout that fits into any busy schedule.

Flexi Bar

This conditioning class combines whole body conditioning exercises and vibration training to work the deep muscles of your core, while toning your arms, and was originally developed in Germany as a physiotherapy tool.

Book Your Class Online

You can book our classes online up to two weeks in advance, whether you’re a member or a pay-as-you-go customer. To book online, visit our online booking portal.

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