Our Equipment

The gym at The Pulse includes state-of-the-art equipment, air conditioning and access to our fantastic trainers.

Cardio Facilities

Cardiovascular exercise is great for losing weight, building endurance and maintaining a healthy heart. At The Pulse, we have a range of cardio equipment including:

5 treadmills
3 cross trainers
1 stepper
3 Concept II rowing machines
1 recumbent bike
3 upright bikes
1 crank cycle

Each machine has a screen that will tell you how far you’ve run, cycled, stepped or rowed as well as an estimate of how many calories you’ve burned. They also hold Sprint 8 and Virtual Active so you can mix up your workouts to suit your goals. Alternatively, you can watch your favourite TV show!

Assisted Weight Machines

Assisted weight machines, or resistance training machines, are generally easier than free weights and are fantastic for beginners or those with injuries. They allow far greater isolation of muscles than free weights, but operate in a fixed range of motion, so they’re safe and easy to use while giving a great workout.

1 chest press
1 shoulder press
1 lat pull down
1 abdominal crunch
1 back extension
1 leg press
1 leg extension
1 prone leg curl
2 functional training cable machines

Functional Training

The functional training area complements all workouts.

This area consists of a functional training rig with accessories including:
Punch bag
Plyometric boxes
Power bags
Battle ropes
Slam balls
Kettle bells
TRX suspension training

This area can be used as part of your gym workout or on its own. Ask our trainers to write a plan for you to make the most out of this area in the gym.

Free Weights

Free weights are the some of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the gym. They can be used to train almost every body part and, depending on your programme, can be used for strength, muscle gain, weight loss, endurance or injury rehabilitation.

Dumbbell rack and dumbbells ranging from 2kg to 40 kg
Barbell rack and barbells ranging from 10kg to 30kg
Olympic discs – 325kg total weight
3 Olympic bars
1 ladies Olympic bar
1 power station
3 benches
1 Smith machine

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