HAF Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about the Holiday Activities and Food Programme? Find the answer below.

Is my child eligible to take part?
The Holiday Activities and Food Programme is available for any children or teenagers who are eligible for Free School Meals. Certain activities are suited to certain age ranges – this information is clearly stated on the booking page for each activity. 

For further information about Free School Meals eligibility, visit the Gloucestershire County Council website.  

Are places really free for each activity?
If your child is eligible for Free School Meals, then yes! You’ll just need to arrange transport to the activities they are booked onto. Further details about each activity can be found on our booking site. 

How do I book an activity?
You’ll need to register on our booking system and create an account before you can book your child onto any activity. You can register here: https://strouddistrictcouncil.coordinate.cloud/account/register

Once registered, you must add further details about your child. You can then click on the Book link on any activity to book your child. A video is available on the registration page that shows you how to use the booking system. 

If you need help signing up or booking an activity, please contact a member of the HAF team by emailing haf@stroud.gov.uk

Will you be adding any more activities?
We are adding more activities in each area over the next few weeks, so keep checking back to find out more.

Keep up to date with new activities on the HAF Stroud District Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also sign up to the Gloucestershire County Council newsletter for updates.  

Can I book for an activity that is outside my town or village?
You can book for any activity that is taking place across the Stroud District Council region. Spaces are limited for certain activities, however, so be sure to check availability before booking. 

When are the activities taking place?
Each activity takes place between Monday 2 August and Friday 27 August. The specific dates and times for each activity are listed on its individual listing page. 

If you still need assistance, please email HAF@stroud.gov.uk, call 01453 766321 or visit the Gloucestershire County Council website. 

Want to find out what activities are available near you? Visit the main HAF page! 

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