Restorative Yoga Workshop

Workshops - 27 April 2024

Use the power of yoga to help you relax and reset with our unique workshop this April.

Our Restorative Yoga workshop provides the perfect tonic to a busy month, helping you to reduce stress and relax. 

In the workshop, we will help you practice stillness and gentle movement, allowing the nervous system to completely let go. Restorative yoga is known to help relieve chronic stress, support physical and mental wellbeing, soothe persistent pain, alleviate headaches, improve sleep and build emotional resilience. The session concludes with a guided meditation session.

Our Restorative Yoga workshop takes place from 11.30am to 1pm on Saturday 27 April, and is free for members or £10 for non-members. To book, call us on 01453 546441, use the app, or book online.

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