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February is Healthy Heart Month, so for this week’s #FitnessFriday tip, we’re focusing on how to lower your risk of heart disease and keep everything ticking along nicely.

One of the most important ways to decrease the potential for heart disease is by raising your heart rate for 30 minutes or more a day. This level of exercise helps your heart become more efficient by lowering your blood pressure, allowing it to become stronger and cope better with high-stress situations.

Along with a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruit and vegetables, regular exercise can help your blood vessels to stay clear. Your body needs good elasticity and clear vessels for your heart to work effectively in day-to-day life.

Your heart is what keeps your body going and without keeping it healthy with regular exercise, we endanger ourselves with potential heart problems – not just when we’re older! If you’re not sure where to start, then have a chat to one of our instructors who can help find the right exercise for you.

Don’t forget, we’re also offering free seven-day trials throughout February for new customers – for further information, click here or call 01453 546441.

Kick-start your healthy heart plan with a FREE seven-day trial at The Pulse. Throughout February, we’re offering new customers the chance to try our facilities and benefit from a free fitness assessment, so you can keep your heart as young as you feel!

As part of your free off-peak trial, you’ll receive:

  • Free induction
  • Fitness assessment using our medically validated Boditrax machine
  • Free use of the gym (following induction)
  • Access to daytime and weekend classes
  • Access to the pool during public swimming

Trial periods are valid during our off-peak hours, which are Mondays–Fridays, 9am­–4pm and all day Saturday and Sunday.

To find out more and claim your free trial, call 01453 546441 or email hello@pulsedursley.co.uk

Our fantastic activity days are back for February half-term! These all-day or two-hour sessions are jam-packed with all kinds of games, sports and dancing, so choose your day and book today!

About our activity days

For all days, unless otherwise stated, drop off and collection point is at The Pulse. For full activity days, please make sure you send your child with a packed lunch, drink and suitable clothing to wear for the activities.

All full days are priced at £20 per child, and the dance workshops are priced at £5.50 per child. Unless otherwise stated, all days are ideal for children aged 5–12 years old. If booking two or more siblings onto the same activity day, you’ll receive a 10% discount. For more information and to book, please call us on 01453 546441!

Children’s Dance Workshop

Date: Wednesday 20 February
Time: 10.45am–12.15pm
Suitable for: Children aged 3-7

Date: Thursday 21 February
Time: 2.00pm–3.30pm
Suitable for: Children aged 8+

Come and join us for a fun-filled, musical-themed workshop! Children will learn how to get into character within a variety of different dance styles, before showcasing their performance to friends and family, where they’ll have a chance to sing along while dancing to the style of musical theatre/jazz!

Retro Sports

Date: Monday 18 February
Time: 9.00am–4.00pm

A fantastic day filled with old school games and races, including sack races, egg and spoon, skipping, long jump, welly wanging and much more. This day will also include an inflatable swim session.

Fun and Games Day

Date: Tuesday 19 February
Time: 9.00am–4.00pm
A fun-packed day involving a variety of sports, team games, relays and spending time with your friends. This day includes a water session with games and challenges, so please bring your swimming kit.

Alternative Sports

Date: Wednesday 20 February
Time: 9.00am–4.00pm
Come and take part in a variety of team sports including water polo, bench ball, end ball, skittles, indoor curling and boccia. A swim session is included, so please bring your swimming kit.

Pulse Wipeout

Date: Thursday 21 February
Time: 9.00am–4.00pm
A high-octane day for all those mini ninja warriors. This day will involve obstacle courses, challenges and a swim session with the Pulse Twin Track.

Gymnastics Day

Date: Friday 22 February
Time: 9.00am–4.00pm
Come and practice your handstands and forward rolls while working on flexibility and linking movements together. The day will finish with a gymnastics show, putting together all the moves you have learnt into one big performance.

For this day, drop off is at The Pulse and collection is from the Chantry Centre – please arrive at 3.45pm for the gymnastics performance.

So, you’ve made it through January – well done! Now you’ve established the habit and you’re exercising regularly, it’s time to focus on your goals and keeping them in sight.

First of all, you might have a goal in mind, but make sure it’s attainable. If you set a goal that’s too difficult, you’re more likely to give up. But, if you really want to push yourself, then try setting some smaller milestones as well to keep yourself motivated.

Be sure to measure your progress in an effective way. Every four weeks, take a measurement or test yourself on what you want to achieve – this could be measuring your waist size, or seeing how much you can bench press. This will not only help keep you motivated, but will allow you to see progress is definitely being made, rather than checking after every single session. Make sure you keep a record as well, so you can see just how far you’ve come.

If you’d like further help in tracking your progress, our Boditrax assessments can keep you on course – this advanced tool measures water, fat, bone density, BMI and the calories you need to give you an accurate picture of your health and fitness level. For more information, ask a member of our team or call 01453 546441.

As we start to get to the end of the month, it’s worth remembering that new year resolutions aren’t just for January. If you’re not used to exercise, it can be all too easy to push yourself to the limit for a couple of weeks and burn yourself out, leading you to give up before you’ve even really started!

As the colder months continue, it’s important to keep exercising, ensuring you keep fit and healthy. It can also have an impact on your mood, releasing endorphins to trigger positive feelings – something we all need during the darker evenings!

If you’re already feeling the strain or are planning on starting a new exercise regime, here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Everyone’s pace is different, and exercising once a week is better than nothing to begin with. Once you know what suits you, you can increase the amount of times you exercise.
  • If you’re new to exercise, some gym apparatus may not benefit you straight away. Why not speak to one of our instructors and get us to build a personal workout for you, based on your current fitness levels?
  • Make time in your schedule! Pick a time slot and make that your exercise time – so whether it’s 7pm on a Thursday or 6.30am on a Monday, if you stick with it, it’ll easily become part of your normal routine.

After an indulgent Christmas, it can be tempting to head straight for the latest fad diet. However, that’s often a recipe for disaster, so our team have put together a few tips to help you eat more healthily this January!

Keep well hydrated – you might think that you’re hungry, but you’re more likely to be thirsty. When you feel a craving for something naughty, have a drink of water instead.

Eat until you’re not hungry, rather than eating until you’re full. If this is something you struggle with, then try eating more frequent, smaller meals throughout the day instead of larger ones.

Try not to have a massively carbohydrate-filled meal before bed. When you’re asleep, your metabolism will slow down and those carbs will have a greater chance of being stored as fat, compared to earlier in the day, where they may have a greater probability of being burned.

Supplements can help if you feel that your diet may be lacking in any way. A few useful ones for different ages and conditions are:

  • Iron supplements if diagnosed with iron deficiency
  • Prenatal vitamins with folic acid before and during pregnancy
  • Vitamin B12 for vegans and older adults with low B12 levels
  • Calcium and vitamin D for those at risk for, or who have, osteoporosis
  • Omega-3 fatty acids for people at risk for heart disease who don’t consume fish

Don’t forget, our personal trainers can also offer advice as part of your training! To find out more about personal training, click here or call 01453 546441.

It’s diabetes awareness month here at The Pulse, so we’re busting myths and helping you sort fact from fiction. Many people believe that Type 2 diabetes is a ‘milder’ form of diabetes, but that’s not true – it’s a serious medical condition. However, making changes to your lifestyle and getting the right treatment can make a real difference to your quality of life if you’ve been diagnosed.

Many people also believe that if you have diabetes, you can’t take part in sport or exercise – which couldn’t be more wrong! It’s good to be active, and physical activity can help prevent further complications.

We’re offering free health checks this month, and as part of that, our team will provide a free gym induction:

Saturday 17 November – 9.00am to 3.00pm
Sunday 18 November – 9.00am to 3.00pm
Saturday 24 November – 9.00am to 2.00pm

Appointments must be booked – for further details, please call us on 01453 546441.

We’ve come to the last of our recent Trainer Q&A questions – this week, we’re answering Bocksnash’s question (from Instagram):

Mummy tummy struggles – what’s the best gentle exercises to tone post baby belly and love handles?

We say:

Side planks are a great way to tone the obliques, but make sure that you engage your core while you do them – pull your tummy button towards your spine. Also try and V-hold – sitting with your knees bent, roll down so that the top of your trousers touch the floor, and focus on engaging your lower core.

For a simple standing exercise that can be done at any time, stand with your weight back through your heels, reach your hand down the side of your leg towards your knee, then repeat on both sides.

Got any questions for our trainers? Send us a message on Facebook or Instagram! 

Need a reason to train in 2019? Take part in the Ride London charity cycle challenge and raise money for your chosen charity!

The event takes place on 3-4 August 2019. The main ride is 100 miles, starting at the Olympic Park and ending at Buckingham Palace (outside not inside!). Riders have 8.5 hours to do the ride, which is a fairly achievable 12mph. However, there are also a few different routes, including a 46-mile ride, and an entry-level, 19-mile fun ride starting at Esher Racecourse – ideal if you just want to have a go.

Riding for charity means you’ll be more likely to guarantee an entry. Entry costs vary depending on the charity you’d like to support – for example, costs are around £20 for an entry to support Prostate Cancer, £40 to ride for British Heart Foundation or £60 for a London homeless charity. Each charity expects about £500 to be raised by each rider.

We’re delighted that one of our members will be taking part, so we’ll be putting on special training sessions for all of our members who enter. Once you have confirmed your entry for your chosen charity, contact angela.gillingham@stroud.gov.uk and we’ll get started.

Having an event to train towards is a great way of staying focused, and if we can get a good group involved, we’ll also help raise your profile and assist with fund raising!

To find out more about the Ride London challenge, visit https://www.prudentialridelondon.co.uk/