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Fit BallA low impact class that works your entire body whilst strengthening your core.
PiYoA fusion of Pilates and Yoga that will burn calories, tone muscles, improve balance and give you all round great stretch.
Core BlimeyA 15 minute Core blast that will work your abdominals and strengthen your lower back.
TRXSuspension training using bodyweight exercises to work flexibility, core stability and muscle strength.
PumpA weights based class set to music that overloads the muscle groups helping you to achieve a lean, toned physique.
Flexi BarCombining conditioning exercises and vibration training to work the deep muscles of your core, whilst toning the arms.
Barre ConditioningWill help you focus on postural strength and alignment. Using the Ballet barres to work the abdominals, lower body and flexibility.
Kettle BellA weights based class that combines cardiovascular ballistic movements with strength training.
ABCAll Body Conditioning, a 30 minute toning class that gets all muscle groups working to shape your whole body.
PoundThe world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energising and sweat dripping fun of playing the drums.
Resistance ConditioningAn equipment based toning class that gets all muscle groups working to shape your whole body.
Triple AArm, Abs and A**. This class will tackle all your wobbly bits.


If you are attending two or more classes or gym sessions a week you could save money by becoming a member. Being a member will allow you to book classes easily and motivate you to keep to your fitness goals. Please speak to a member of staff about the best membership for you.

Injury recovery

If you are recovering from an injury it is important to speak to your doctor before taking part in any exercise. You doctor may be able to refer you to us to help with your recovery and advise a fitness program.

Booking information

How to book a class or gym session: All classes and gym sessions can be booked at either site during opening hours. Payment will be required at the time of booking. If you have any further questions about any of our classes please ask a member of staff.

Class Etiquette: Please arrive five minutes prior to the start of your class. If you have booked into a class and are unable to attend please contact reception so that your space can be offered to someone on the waiting list.

Fitness timetable: Timetables are available at Reception; alternatively you can download a timetable on our website

Class combinations: We recommend that you try a variety of classes and aim to do two or more classes a week. Your fitness goals and interests will effect which classes will be best for you.

Classes will change depending on demand and industry trends. We advise booking for all our classes to avoid disappointment.

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