Small Group Training

Personal training is not for you….sign up for The Pulse small group training sessions instead.

These sessions will be based in either the gym or studio and will be specific to your groups needs.

Examples of small group training can include:

  • How to incorporate free weights into my gym sessions, by focusing on technique
  • Free weights for weight loss or strength
  • Improved flexibility
  • Gym circuits
  • Functional training for improved fitness, weight loss, strength and endurance
  • Sport specific focus

You can also tell us what you would like to focus on and we will set up the sessions for you and your friends.

Small group training is a cheaper option to PT, plus you have the benefit of working out with friends and meeting new ones.

Small group sessions run with 4 participants in the gym and up to 6 in the studio.

You can book with a group of friends and start your sessions straight away or we can add you to the waiting list and match you up with like minded individuals who want to focus on a similar style of workout.

We have the facility and the trainers, we are waiting for you to make the first positive steps to a healthier, stronger, fitter you.

Small Group Training (4 people)

4×60 Minute Sessions£100 per group/£25.00 per person
6×60 Minute Sessions£150 per group/£37.50 per person

Small Group Training
(6 people studio only)

4×60 Minute Sessions£120 per group/£20.00 per person
6×60 Minute Sessions£180 per group/£30.00 per person
30 Minute sessions are also available on request