Personal Training

Get the most out of your training sessions and achieve your health and fitness goals with
the help of the Pulse Personal Trainers.

Working with a trainer will help you achieve your goals, stay focused and make real life
changing decisions to improve your personal health and quality of life.

Book a one off 30 minute session or a block of 10 x 60 minute sessions the choice is yours.

We can tailor your package and trainer to meet your very own personal objectives. Pick a
standard pack or pick and mix from our menu of choice.

Training sessions are available in the gym, studio, pool and outside or a mixture depending
on what your trainer feels will suit your needs.

Our Trainers

Jonny Marks

IMG_6641 copy


Level 3 Personal Trainer

GP referral Level 3

Level 2 gym instructor

Badminton coach level 2

Swim teacher level 2

Certified studio trainer for; circuit training, kettlebell, TRX, Studio cycling, Pump FX, Piyo and Insanity

Area of expertise:

GP referrals; rehabilitation, health conditions, injuries and injury prevention

Sports performance and development

Event and race training

Cardiovascular endurance training; swimming, cycling, running


Triathlons/Ironman’s, mountain bike racing, obstacle races, racket sports, physical challenges, sports performance

Motivational quote:

When you feel like quitting think about why you started


Fitness and sports have been a huge part of my life ever since I learnt to ride a bike and competed in my first race at the age of 4. I have a huge passion for sports performance and events that challenge individuals and push them beyond boundaries that they thought they’d never reach. I compete in as many events and races as that I can to push me to my limit because that’s what I enjoy doing most in my spare time! For me, keeping yourself fit and training up for physical goals is what keeps life fun and exciting.

I got into Personal Training because I want to share this passion with you and assist in achieving your goals. Whether it’s an event or race entered, a sport you need training for or general health and fitness aspects I can direct you along the right path for success.

If you have a specific area you would like to work on please speak to the instructor and they will be able to help you.


Scott Beaman

IMG_6666 copy


Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Level 1 Strength and Conditioning

Certified studio trainer for kettlebell, circuit training, TRX, Studio cycling

Area of expertise:

Weight/Fat loss

Increase muscle mass and size


Rugby, Bodybuilding, Strength and Conditioning for specific sports, Nutrition

Motivational quote:

You will never know how good you can be if you take a step backwards.


I have always had a passion for sport and fitness from a young age when I played rugby and football for my local teams. My interest in working out began when going to the gym for rehab sessions due to recurring knee injuries. Although this didn’t solve the issue, I saw big improvements in other aspects of my health and well being ,which in turn began to motivate and inspire me to become a personal trainer. Furthermore, I do find it very rewarding to help someone who wants to improve themselves and achieve their own goals.

Having qualified in 2015, I have expanded my knowledge through further courses, meeting fellow personal trainers and working with a different variety of clients. I still have a huge passion for rugby and am currently studying strength and conditioning which I am hoping to be qualified early in 2017. Whatever your target is, whether it be losing weight, increasing muscle size or improving sports performance I will help you reach it and share my knowledge for additional guidance.


Joe Neate

IMG_6937 copy

Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Swim Teacher Level 1
Certified trainer in: Circuits, Insanity, Pump, Spin (Studio Cycling), Conditioning classes
Areas of expertise:
Bodybuilding, strength and physique
Beginners guidance to weight and functional training
Nutrition/health and wellbeing
Weight lifting technique training

All types of sports, weight training, functional training.

Motivational Quote:
Be somebody nobody thought you could be

My passion for health and fitness came at an early age, as I played in many different sporting teams throughout my school and college life which lead me to representing myself in many high profile clubs such as Cheltenham town football club and the county for sprinting. Pushing myself to achieving goals was my main focus.
This led me to helping others to achieve and reach goals.
Being consistent with training and eating the right food can sometimes be hard. Having someone there to push you and motivate you can help you become a fitter and healthier you.
I have great knowledge in all aspects of exercise and the understanding behind all elements of fitness. Whatever your goal I can help you on your way to achieving a better and healthier lifestyle.
Training with me will improve your ability to use all kinds of different methods such as weight training , cardiovascular training, functional training and more and also improve your knowledge and experience that you can share with others to help them achieve there goals.
Focus on being Fit and Healthy and the Results will come.


Ricky Oakley


Qualified Fitness Instructor
Certified Trainer in Circuits

Area of expertise:

I am a motivational fitness instructor – I can offer exercise plans gym based.  I can also teach safe practices while my clients are getting fit.  I will give enthusiastic encouragement in order to keep them motivated.  I can design individual training plans using all gym based exercises so that they feel at ease and confident in their training and I will help them to reach their goals whether it’s general toning, functional fitness or better co-ordination etc to make the gym experience enjoyable.

For more information about Ricky please visit his Facebook page by clicking here

Football, Weight Training and Cardio Training

Motivational Quote:
Wake Up with Determination.  Go to bed with Satisfaction


I have always enjoyed sport from 15 years old when I played football for local teams.  I joined the gym and enjoy the feeling of not only my training and improving my well-being but also the feeling of helping others with their training.

I qualified as a fitness instructor in 2013 and have trained clients both one on one and in small groups along with a regular circuits class.

Training and motivating others is my passion and if you train with me I can help you to achieve your goals while also maintaining enjoyment in exercising.  Please follow the link to my facebook page for more info, prices etc.

Getting Started


30 Minute Session£16.00
60 Minute Session£26.00
Boditrax Assessment£5.00
Boditrax Assessment and Consultation£20.00 (Free for members)


6 x 30 minute sessions£90.00
10 x 30 minute sessions£144.00
6 x 60 minute sessions£150.00
10 x 60 minute sessions£234.00