Swimming Lessons – Rules and Guidance for Reopening

COVID-19 Updates - 23 March 2021

We want you to enjoy your lessons in a safe COVID-19 free environment. To do so, we have had to change the way we run our sessions.

If you or any member of your family are feeling unwell and are showing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, do not under any circumstances attend The Pulse.

Please watch our short video for further information on how to attend swimming lessons:

1. All lessons must be booked and paid for in advance. 

2. Swimmers must come to their lessons beach ready, with costumes worn under clothes.

3. Where possible, take a shower before coming to the centre as the showers will not be available for use.

4. Please arrive at lessons no earlier than five minutes prior to the lesson beginning.

5. Unfortunately, parents will not be able to spectate during the initial opening weeks. We will review this over the coming weeks.

6. Parents with young children who will need toilet assistance will be permitted to wait in the changing room cubicles during the lessons. Siblings of children having lessons are NOT allowed to wait in the changing rooms due to restrictions on the number of people we can have in that area.

7. We kindly ask parents to drop off and pick up older children that are capable of changing and attending lessons themselves.

8. When dropping off children, please do not arrive earlier than five minutes prior to the lesson beginning. When collecting children after the lesson, please ensure that you are ready to pick them up at the time the lesson finishes. Please wait for your child outside the centre.

9. When ready for lessons, children will walk to poolside following the directional arrows to meet their teacher.

10. We are allowing 15 minutes between lessons so that we are able to clean down each area before the next class arrives.

11. We are operating a maximum of five children per lesson so that each child has the use of a changing cubicle and to ensure, where possible, social distancing can be maintained during the lesson.

12. At the end of the lesson, the children will follow the directional arrows around poolside back to the changing area. 

13. Showering after the lessons will not be permitted so please do so when you get home.

14. We are operating a one-way system: from reception to changing rooms, changing rooms to poolside, poolside to changing rooms, exiting from the spectator area next to the changing rooms – please see video clip and diagram for details.

15. In order to accommodate lessons, we have had to make changes to times and teachers. You will be contacted prior to lessons starting of the changes made.

16. Children will be required to bring and wear their own swimming hats and goggles.

a. Please practice putting them on so that your child can do this by themselves.
b. See clip on the website.
c. During this time we advise all swimmers to wear swimming hats.

17. Swimming aids will be dipped in the pool between lessons to keep them clean.

18. To increase safety for your child, you could adopt the club swimmer approach and bring your own swimming aids if preferred – see the kit list below:

a. Swimming Hat.
b. Goggles.
c. Float.
d. Noodle.
e. Bag to keep them in.
f. All can be purchased in advance at the centre or from other external retailers.

19. As we are limiting face to face contact all parent/teacher consultations will be conducted via Zoom or telephone – if you would like to speak to a teacher, contact us by:

a. Telephone – 01453 760910 or 01453 546441
b. Email – hello@pulsedursley.co.uk
c. State the name of your child and level. The teacher will contact you ahead of the next lesson.


And finally, a message from our teachers, who are so excited to welcome everyone back!

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