The Studio – Rules and Guidance for Reopening

COVID-19 Updates - 10 July 2020

The studio timetable will look slightly different due to the ongoing situation, but we have spent many, many hours devising a programme of classes that will cater for everyone.

To keep you safe whilst working out, you must follow these rules.

If you or any member of your family are feeling unwell and are showing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, do not under any circumstances attend The Pulse.

Please watch our video before attending, and follow the below rules and guidance.

1. All sessions, classes and activities must be booked and paid for prior to arriving at the centre. 

You can book in the following ways:

a. Using our online system, which can be accessed here, or via our new app, which is coming soon (it's currently in development – we'll let you know as soon as it's ready!) – you will require a registered pin number and email to make a booking. If you do not have a pin number, then you can create one by following the steps below.

Click here to access our sign-up page.
Complete the data required basic details fields marked with a *, then click NEXT.
Click on ‘Pay as you Go’ and then NEXT.
Complete the personal details fields marked with a *, and tick your contact preferences, then click NEXT.
You are now registered on our database and can book online/sign up for a membership.

b. Contact the Pulse direct on 01453 760910 or 01453 546441 where bookings and payments can be made via debit or credit cards.

c. If you are a regular user, you can set up a membership pay up front or by direct debit.

d. If you have forgotten your pin number, please email

2. Bring your own work out mat – we have a supply on site that can be purchased, or you can find them easily at your favourite online retailer. (Please note: this is a temporary measure and will be reviewed monthly)

3. Come to your class dressed ready to workout, as lockers will not be available.

4. Do not arrive any earlier than five minutes before the start of your class as you will not be permitted entry to the centre and will be asked to queue outside.

6. If you are attending a step or weighted class, the equipment will be set up ready for you to use. Customers are not permitted in the store cupboard. 

7. Remember to bring a filled water bottle with you as the water fountains will not be in use. Bottles of water will still be available to buy from the vending machine.

8. Only bring keys/purse/water bottle/towel onto the studio floor – no workout bags are permitted due to restricted space.

  • a. Personal items can be stored on the side of the studio as you enter. Although, the less items you bring with you, the better.
  • b. When retrieving your personal items please respect social distancing.

9. When coming into the studio, you must go directly to the farthest box when entering to reduce the crossing over of each other

10. Please respect everyone’s space and stay in your area – the centre of your area marks the two-metre social distancing rule. 

11. The instructors will clean and put the equipment away after use.

12. For spin classes – we will allow the use of cleats on the bike. Please change once you are in your area from your outdoor shoes to reduce the risk of slipping or scratching the studio floor.

13. At the end of the session, make your way down the stairs and out of the building through the fire exit by the gym door. When leaving the studio, the customers nearest the door will leave first, so please be patient with each other.

14. At the end of your class, please do not hang around the studio as the instructor needs to prepare and make the studio ready for the next class.

15. The showers are not in use at this time, but you can use the toilets.

16. You are not permitted into the gym or pool after your class. If you have booked a gym or swim session, please go back to reception via the fire exit door and walk back through the designated entrance.

17. Due to the restrictions on numbers in classes we have changed the cancellation notice on all class bookings:

  • Class cancellation must be made 12 hours prior to the booking for any classes taking place before 9.00am to enable us time to contact those on the waiting list.
  • Class cancellation must be made 3 hours prior to the booking for any classes between 9.00am and 9.30pm.
  • We will continually review the class cancellation policy.

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