The Pool – Rules and Guidance for Reopening

COVID-19 Updates - 23 March 2021

The pool timetable will look a little different than usual, along with how the pool will operate, but we have worked hard to ensure we can uphold social distancing rules and guidelines so that everyone can feel safe whilst attending The Pulse.

If you or any member of your family are feeling unwell and are showing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, do not under any circumstances attend The Pulse.

We have put together a set of guidelines for everyone who wishes to attend the pool for all available activities. 

1.    All Public Swimming, Lane Swimming, Swim Fit sessions and Classes must be booked and paid for in advance. 

You can book in the following ways:

a. Using our online system, which can be accessed here, or via our new app, which is coming soon (it's currently in development – we'll let you know as soon as it's ready!) – you will require a registered pin number and email to make a booking. If you do not have a pin number, then you can create one by following the steps below.

Click here to access our sign-up page.
Complete the data required basic details fields marked with a *, then click NEXT.
Click on ‘Pay as you Go’ and then NEXT.
Complete the personal details fields marked with a *, and tick your contact preferences, then click NEXT.
You are now registered on our database and can book online/sign up for a membership.

b. Contact the Pulse direct on 01453 760910 or 01453 546441 where bookings and payments can be made via debit or credit cards.

c. If you are a regular user, you can set up a membership – either pay up front or by direct debit.

d. If you have forgotten your pin number, please email

2.    All attendees will need to arrive at the pool beach ready – wear your swimming costumes under your clothes.

3.    Showers will not be available for use – where possible, take a shower before coming to the centre and one when you arrive home.

4.    Please arrive no earlier than five minutes before your session. Should you turn up any earlier, you will have to wait outside of the building.

5.    Please follow the directional arrows when entering, walking around and exiting the pool area. 

Pool directional arrows by The Pulse

6.    When in progress, Aqua Classes will require use of the whole pool.  

7.    We are allowing 15 minutes between Aqua Classes and other activities so that our staff can sanitise each area before the next activity begins.

8.    There will be two large lanes during Lane Swimming and Swim Fit.

9.    Public swimming lessons will be 45 minutes in duration. 

10.    We will be operating a one-way system – from reception to changing rooms, changing rooms to the poolside, the poolside to the changing rooms and exiting from the spectator area next to the changing rooms. Please see the video clips and diagram for details, which will follow soon.

11.    Any equipment used in Aqua Classes, Lane Swimming and Swim Fit will be submerged in the pool before and after use – this is to ensure that all equipment has been sanitised accordingly. 

12.    Swimming aids will only be available for Lane Swimming and Swim Fit.

13.   We are unable to authorise hire equipment during public swimming. 

14.   Pool users must maintain 2 metres between each other during exercise classes.

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