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Pulse News - 19 March 2020

Here you will find all the information for online classes at the Pulse.

Over the next few weeks you will find our Online Classes here:

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All our classes are free of charge, if you would like to make a donations the fabulous NHS, you can do so here:


Facebook Live Classes

Monday 29th June - Sunday 5th July

Monday 29th

10.00am Pilates 

6.00pm Circuits on Zoom – email

7.00pm Core 


Tuesday 30th   

8.30am Upper Body Workout (requires 2 x milk cartoons and a pile of books) 

7.00pm Piloxing


Wednesday 1st July   

10.00am Pilates  

6.00pm Aerobics 


Thursday 2nd

12.00pm High Intensity, Low Impact Rock Workout

6.00pm Outdoor Bootcamp on the Rec (Spaces limited please book in advance)

7.00pm Garden Circuits 


Friday 3rd

9.00am Pilates 

12.30pm ABC 


Saturday 4th

10am Circuits 


Sunday 5th

10am Zumba

Home exercises from Stroud District Council - Click Here


Combat and Pump Clases.

We have had a lot of requests for Combat and Pump classes.

We have been in contact with Les Mills and managed to get a free 2 month trial of all their online classes for you.

To take advantage of the offer click the link above, you have to input your card details but it is free for the first 60 days! Just remember to cancel at the end of the 60 days if you dont want to be charged!

Fitball Part 3 23rd April

Fitball Part 2 23rd April

Fitball Part 1 23rd April


Bootcamp 22nd April


Triple A 22nd April


Spin 22nd April

Pilates for posture 22nd April

Pilates for posture - introduction 22nd April

Strength and conditioning home workout for swimmers 17th April

Floor Core Part 1 17th April


Floor Core Part 2 17th April



80's Aerobics 2 17th April


Circuits 15th April


Aerobics 3 15th April


Flexiband 15th April


PiYo Part 2 14th April

PiYo Part 1 14th April



Aerobics 2 9th April


15 Minute Home Workout 9th April


Pound 9th April



Relax and Ground Yoga 5th April



Leg and Spine Stretch for back care 5th April


Stretch with Faith 5th April



Beginner/Senior Fitness Class 4th April


Aerobics 45minutes 1st April


Barre 1st April


Beginners Pilates 2 1st April



Beginners Pilates 30th March


1980's Aerobics 29th March



Kettlebell 29th March


Yoga 29th March



Yoga 26th March


Piloxing 23rd March



Pilates 1B 23rd March


Pilates 1A 23rd March


PiYo 23rd March



Stretch 23rd March


Tabata 23rd March



ABC 23rd March

Aerobics 19th March 2020


Zumba 19th March 2020




Taking part in physical activity is done at your own risk. The instructor in this clip cannot see if you are doing it correctly. Please be sensible, have fun and stay hydrated. Stretching is recommended after each session.

Always consult your doctor or therapist prior to starting a new exercise regime.

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