New Fitness Programme Coming This September

Studio - 1 September 2019

We’ve got a brand-new fitness programme coming this September! We’re introducing some exciting new classes, while adding more of your favourites like Pilates and introducing extra evening classes.

Find out more about our new classes

We’re really looking forward to teaching our new classes next month, so here’s a taste of what you can expect…

Freestyle Aerobics (The Next Generation)
Mixed intensity – suitable for all

This class is an aerobic dream. The class starts with basic moves that gradually build into slick combinations, using a mix of low and high impact moves so anyone can take part. Two left feet? Don’t worry, you can keep to the basic pattern. But, if you love to move with style then work with the instructor as the combinations build throughout the class. Bring a drink, you will get warm with this workout!

Freestyle Aerobics (The Next Generation) is taught by our youngest fitness instructor Jazz Gillingham, who has taken over the Freestyle Aerobic torch from Ange Gillingham, who packed the sports centre with Freestyle back in the early nineties.

Mixed intensity – suitable for all

Do you want to be “Absolutely Fabulous”? This is the class for you! Focus on strengthening your core with a key focus on tightening your tummy and working towards a flat stomach. No previous experience needed – a variety of exercises will be given to suit the level of everyone taking part.

Faith Minchella is our fABulous instructor who will get you into shape.

Mixed intensity – suitable for all

Using a variety of different bands as resistance aids, this class will sculpt your body into the person you know that you can be. Stretching and lengthening the muscles is also a key feature of this class. You can take part in this class as a standalone class or add it to fABulous.

Faith and Nicky Grant will be bending and flexing their way through this class with you.

Mixed intensity – suitable for all

A brand-new Pulse special. Combine step aerobics with strength/conditioning training around the step (with and without weights), then add Pilates style toning and stretching and what do you get? 3STEP! Each section is in 20-minute segments giving you the ultimate one-hour workout.

Jemma Dowsett will be teaching 3STEP – you may know her from our 1980’s Aerobics, PiYo and Barre classes!

Stretch and Meditate
Suitable for beginners

This is another new Pulse special, which has been brought to you by public demand. Unlock your body and your mind with this unique blend. Each class will start with a stretch routine followed by a short guided meditation.

Leave the pressure of life at the door as you unwind with Faith. It’s only 30 minutes, so come along and enjoy some ‘me’ time.

Pilates Ring
Mixed intensity – suitable for all

Pilates has become very popular at the Pulse over the last two years. The Pilates ring, magic circle or torture ring (as it is known to some) is a 30-minute conditioning class, based upon the principles of Pilates training and breathing patterns in order to give you an intense body conditioning session.

Ange Gillingham is leading this class, along with many of the other Pilates classes in the programme. Having passed the freestyle torch to daughter Jazz, she now focuses on Pilates. “Older instructors do not fade away, they teach Pilates!”

Hula Hoop
Suitable for beginners

That’s right – by popular demand, we have brought our Hula Hoop class back!

This class will give you core toning and conditioning like no other class in the programme, with Helen in charge to teach you how to hoop your waist slim.

It’s suitable for beginners, as the very action of having to keep picking your hoop off the floor is a workout in itself. However, with helpful tips and hints from Helen, you’ll soon be spinning the hoops around your waist and other body parts as if you were circus- trained.

Gym Circuits
Mixed intensity – suitable for all

Take a traditional circuit training class and add the gym equipment for a workout like no other. Due the wide variety of equipment available in the gym, every circuit will be different, but each will offer a full body workout incorporating cardio, strength and then a good stretch to finish.

Ross will be one of the main instructors for this class. Passionate about keeping everyone fit, you normally find him on the gym floor training his clients or showing new members how to use the gym effectively.

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