Live Class Timetable – April 2021

Studio - 12 April 2021

There's not long left to go until we can bring back studio classes but in the meantime, we're still running virtual classes!

Don't forget, if you're a Pulse member, you receive access to all of our live-streamed and on-demand classes for free as part of your membership!

To purchase your subscription or register for pay-as-you-go classes, call us on 01453 546441 and then log in here. Our virtual class feature will be available within The Pulse app – if you haven’t got it already, you can download it on your iPhone or Android phone today.

For more information on how to use our virtual class feature, visit the MoveGB help centre.

Live class timetable for April

8am Pilates
9.15am Combat 
5.00pm Barre
5.55pm Zumba 
6.55pm Circuits

9.30am Zumba 
10.30am Beginners Fitness 
11.15am Pilates 
5.45pm Glutes, Arms and Abs 
6.30pm Piloxing

9.15am 1980s Aerobics
10.15am Core 
11.00am Barre 
3.45pm Gentle Pilates 
5.45pm ABC
6.30pm Aerobics 
7.25pm Home Weights Workout

8.00am Pilates
9.20am Aerobics 
1.30pm Tai Chi
5.30pm HiLo
6.15pm Circuits

7.15am Pilates 
9.20am Piloxing 
1.45pm Yoga

8am Yoga 
9.15am Strength Circuits 
10.15am Move to the Movies

10am 1980s Aerobics
11.05am Pump

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