The Pool – Lane Etiquette for Public Swimming Sessions

COVID-19 Updates - 23 March 2021

To make our swimming sessions as safe and enjoyable as possible, we have put in place additional rules and guidelines to the pool, including lane etiquette during our public swimming sessions.

We would ask that Pulse members and the general public consider the information below before attending any of our swimming sessions.

If you or any member of your family are feeling unwell and are showing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, do not under any circumstances attend The Pulse.

For information about our aqua class etiquette, click here.

1.    Lane swimming layout

a.    We will be using two lanes during all public lane swimming sessions.
b.    Lane one will be a fast lane and lane two will be a plodder lane.
c.    The lanes are only as fast as the swimmers in it. Please use common sense when entering your lane, and do not be afraid to change lanes during your session as the speed changes.

2.    Respect

a.    Please remember to respect everybody’s right to enjoy their swim - there will be people of different abilities and swimming standards. 
b.    Remember to observe the government’s social distancing guidelines, and do not make physical contact with other participants. 
c.    If someone is not following the lane etiquette, speak to them politely first – they may not be aware of what they’re doing. If needed, please speak to a lifeguard.

3.    Speed and overtaking

a.    Before getting into the pool, take a minute to gauge the speed of other swimmers and pick a lane accordingly.  
b.    Please do not overtake other swimmers in your lane. 
c.    Before pushing off at each turn, check to see if anyone faster is approaching. 
d.    To maintain a consistent level of speed, the faster swimmer leads the lane.

4.    Direction 

a.    Please follow the directional signs and move across to the appropriate side of the lane for each length. 

Pool navigation arrows by The Pulse

5.    Space 

a.    Always attempt to maintain appropriate social distance between yourself and another swimmer.
b.    Do not touch other swimmers – the old custom of tapping someone’s foot when you wish to pass is no longer acceptable.

6.    Strokes

a.    If you change to a slower stroke as part of your session, consider changing lanes so as not to affect other swimmers.

7.    Equipment

a.    Follow the operator’s guidance on use of any equipment. 
b.    If using equipment such as kick boards or pull buoys, consider moving to a slower lane temporarily so you do not hinder others.

8.    Resting and socialising

a.    Whether stopping for a rest or catching your breath after your swim, please be mindful that others using the lane will want to keep on swimming without stopping.
b.    When catching your breath, keep yourself to the edge of the lane, allowing others to turn at the wall. Turn your head away from other swimmers and allow others to maintain social distancing measures. 
c.    Remember to bring your own full water bottle in order to stay hydrated. You can leave your water bottle on the poolside during your swim. 
d.    Under any circumstances, DO NOT gather and chat at the end of the lane.
e.    If you wish to socialise, move into the D area of the pool. Please remember to maintain social distancing if you are talking to another swimmer outside your social bubble.

Thank you in advance for following our pool guidelines and lane etiquette which have been put in place for the benefit of all our visitors. We look forward to welcoming you back and above all, remember to enjoy your swim!

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