10 Day Pilates Kick Start Challenge

General - 17 June 2020

10 Day Pilates Kick Start Challenge

This challenge is designed to focus your body and mind, helping you to reset your fitness journey to aid you in achieving your personal goals.

Lockdown is hard for everyone but in different ways. Some of us continue to work either at home or as key workers, whilst others are forced into furloughs or face redundancy.

This challenge will help you focus and get yourself ready for life after lockdown whether it is to improve your strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance. Or get your diet back on track (regular Pilates practice can help you make better food choices) or just free your thinking by helping you take time for yourself rather than thinking about everyone else.

Please note: This is not a weight loss programme in itself but will help support healthy food choices and can assist in weight loss if this is your overall goal.


By taking part in this 10-day challenge, I will assist you to reset your thinking and enable you to focus on the most important things in life – Your health through regular Pilates Practice.

There are only 15 places available on each 10-day challenge so make the choice and book your place today.

Early Bird Challenge – 7am every weekday morning from 22nd June – 1st July (9am classes on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June)

Evening Challenge – 6.30pm every weekday evening from 6th July – 15th July (9am classes on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th July)


Pre challenge tasks:

Make the decision to commit to the 10-day challenge

Make sure you are fit enough to take part (suitable for beginners and regular participants as alternative levels are given throughout)


Set your workout goal

What would you like to achieve?

This can include both physical and mental goals..

It may be simple (move freely) or more complex.

Clear your calendar so that you can commit to this challenge

Download the zoom app as all sessions will take place over zoom (if you do not have it already)


Book your 10 day challenge by emailing: hello@pulsedursley.co.uk

Once you have booked your place I will be in touch to start your 10 day Pilates Challenge.



Content of Programme:

Pre Workout Session

A 30 minute one2one zoom session where we will explore why you have signed up, what you would like to achieve, and review any conditions/injuries whereby adaptations will be needed for you in the programme.


Session one (one-hour session) – Full Body Approach

A full body basic workout which focuses on the principles of Pilates.

This session will focus on quality of movement, controlled breathing, good posture and body positions, core engagement, developing good balance practice, strength and flexibility.

The key focus is quality of movement and body position awareness


Session two (30-minute session) - Abdominal focus

This session will be based on the mat.

 I will take you through a series of abdominal exercises working the stomach from all angles laying on your back, seated and from your hands and knees.

There will be some back work in order to balance the muscles.


Session Three (30-minute session) – Bum and backs

To give your stomach a rest we will focus this session on the bottom and back

From standing to the mat this workout will help you activate your glutes and both strengthen and loosen the back.


Session Four (30-minute session) – Legs

Lean, long and strong legs will be the focus of this session.

This will be an equal balance of flexibility and strength work throughout.


Session Five mid-way point (40-minute session) The power of stretching

A 40-minute session which will focus on unlocking the body, releasing those tired muscles and enable you to move freely.


Session six (30-minute session) Flexi band

It’s time to increase the intensity and bring the arms into play.

The session is designed to increase muscle strength and aid flexibility.

No flexi band – do not worry this session can be done without.


Session seven (30-minute session) All body approach- flow session

We are going head to toe in this 30-minute non-stop session.

The flow sessions are designed to keep the body moving throughout joining each exercise seamlessly in blocks of 3 –1. standing, 2. prone (front) and 3. supine (back) positions


Session eight (30-minute session) weighted workout

Using home equipment (tins, bottles, bags of sugar) as weights this workout will strengthen, arms, shoulders, back and of course some core work thrown in for fun.


Session nine (30-minute workout) balls, cushions or toilet rolls

You can use any of the above equipment in this workout as we will be using the equipment as support and resistance aids  – the main focus will be on core and glute strength.


Session Ten (60-minute session) You have made it -  The full body approach

Working from head to toe for 60 minutes we will bring in everything you have learnt and I will throw in a few additional tricks to compliment your final workout in the challenge. You will be surprised how much stronger you can become in 10 days.


Post challenge review

After the 10 day challenge we will get together one2one via zoom to discuss the challenge, review your progress, goals and plan your next steps.


Cost of the challenge

This challenge includes 2 x one2one sessions, over 6 hours of Pilates.

Price per person - £24.99 - to book email hello@pulsedursley.co.uk

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