Enjoy a wide range of classes at our 10-hour fitness fest while raising money for Macmillan! From yoga to strength circuits and aerobics to mindful movement, we’ve got classes for everyone.

It’s just £5.00 to enter – do one class or test yourself and take on all 10! We politely ask that you help gain sponsorship or donate a little more if you are taking part in more than one class. Sponsorship forms are available from Reception, or you can set up your own JustGiving page. All of our instructors are giving up their time to raise money for this fantastic course, and all funds raised will go straight to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Please note that these classes will replace our usual Saturday schedule for this date only.

8am – Hatha Yoga
In this early session, we’ll be waking up our bodies with slow, mindful stretches and gentle yoga poses, lying down at first, then standing. A restful guided relaxation will complete the practice. All are welcome.

9am – Strength Circuits
The ultimate challenge of muscular strength and cardio fitness! This class will test your ability to exert maximum muscle effort for short periods of time.

10am – Move to the Musicals
Ladies and gents, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for …
Tumble out of bed and stumble to The Pulse for an aerobic dance class set to hits from both stage and film. It’s new and only available for today, so don’t miss out on this one-time extravaganza.

11am – PiYo
A fusion of strength, Pilates and yoga – it’s not a soft option as you will move from standing to floor and back up again. This is a calorie-burning, muscle-toning, strength-building and balance-enhancing class.

12pm – Aerobics
An easy-to-follow, mixed impact class set to motivating music that works your cardio fitness and is great for weight loss. Don’t worry if you have two left feet – the moves are repeated, so you’ll soon pick it up.

1pm – Pilates
This mixed-ability session will work from top to toe with a range of flexibility, strength, balance and core work. Whether you’ve never been before or if you’re a regular Pilates enthusiast, that’s no problem – a wide range of moves and levels will be offered during this session.

2pm – Mindful Movement
If you’re staying for the whole day, this will give you a chance to catch your breath, using a combination of meditation, dance, Pilates, yoga and movement to understand and notice the emotions and movements of your body. These very gentle mindful exercises are suitable for everyone.

3pm – All Body Conditioning
An all-body conditioning toning class that gets every muscle group working to shape your body. This class will wake you back up again to help push you through to the end!

4pm – Kettlebell
The last strength session of the day, Kettlebell is a weight-based class that combines cardiovascular ballistic movement with strength. It’s a great toning and weight loss session and as kettlebells have different weights, it’s suitable for all fitness levels.

5pm – Yoga
Let us help you wind down with our final class of the day. Regain your flexibility and lose the lactic acid build-up from the day – a great way to relax at the end of a fitness marathon.