GP Referral

If a Doctor, Practice Nurse, Physiotherapist or Health Visitor feels that you would benefit from increasing your physical activity to improve your physical and mental health you could be referred to our Health and Fitness Consultants for an assessment.

This scheme will enable you to take part in classes, the gym and the pool as advised by the Health Consultant depending on why you have been referred. Please note we also take patients who are recovering from surgery as advised by their medical practitioner.

A one off fee is required to start the scheme which covers 2 fitness assessments with the consultant’s, one at the start of the scheme and one on exiting the scheme. The scheme runs for 12 consecutive weeks and you are charged just £2.00 each time you participate in an activity.

After your second assessment you can benefit from purchasing a one off discounted membership which will allow you to continue your activities at an affordable price. Alternatively you can continue to pay as you go at the standard rate.

Please note due to the discounts applied you can only access the scheme once. (See price list for all associated costs)

If you do not qualify for a referral or you have already been on this scheme but you would like to increase your current levels of physical activities, we also offer:

Personal Training

Small Group Sessions

Fitness Assessments

All of which can be tailored to your needs.