As we start to get to the end of the month, it’s worth remembering that new year resolutions aren’t just for January. If you’re not used to exercise, it can be all too easy to push yourself to the limit for a couple of weeks and burn yourself out, leading you to give up before you’ve even really started!

As the colder months continue, it’s important to keep exercising, ensuring you keep fit and healthy. It can also have an impact on your mood, releasing endorphins to trigger positive feelings – something we all need during the darker evenings!

If you’re already feeling the strain or are planning on starting a new exercise regime, here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Everyone’s pace is different, and exercising once a week is better than nothing to begin with. Once you know what suits you, you can increase the amount of times you exercise.
  • If you’re new to exercise, some gym apparatus may not benefit you straight away. Why not speak to one of our instructors and get us to build a personal workout for you, based on your current fitness levels?
  • Make time in your schedule! Pick a time slot and make that your exercise time – so whether it’s 7pm on a Thursday or 6.30am on a Monday, if you stick with it, it’ll easily become part of your normal routine.