After an indulgent Christmas, it can be tempting to head straight for the latest fad diet. However, that’s often a recipe for disaster, so our team have put together a few tips to help you eat more healthily this January!

Keep well hydrated – you might think that you’re hungry, but you’re more likely to be thirsty. When you feel a craving for something naughty, have a drink of water instead.

Eat until you’re not hungry, rather than eating until you’re full. If this is something you struggle with, then try eating more frequent, smaller meals throughout the day instead of larger ones.

Try not to have a massively carbohydrate-filled meal before bed. When you’re asleep, your metabolism will slow down and those carbs will have a greater chance of being stored as fat, compared to earlier in the day, where they may have a greater probability of being burned.

Supplements can help if you feel that your diet may be lacking in any way. A few useful ones for different ages and conditions are:

  • Iron supplements if diagnosed with iron deficiency
  • Prenatal vitamins with folic acid before and during pregnancy
  • Vitamin B12 for vegans and older adults with low B12 levels
  • Calcium and vitamin D for those at risk for, or who have, osteoporosis
  • Omega-3 fatty acids for people at risk for heart disease who don’t consume fish

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