November is Diabetes Awareness Month around the world, and we’re doing our part to help the community understand more about diabetes and how Type 2 diabetes can be prevented and managed.

Around 90% of people with diabetes have Type 2 diabetes, which can often be more easily managed by eating more healthily, losing weight and staying active. However, there are also lots of rumours about Type 2 diabetes. When you next come into the Pulse, check out our ‘myth buster’ posters, where we’re sorting fact from fiction!

Free health consultations

Throughout November, we’re also offering free health consultations, so whether you have Type 2 diabetes, are at risk or simply want to stay healthy, chat to one of our team and book in for a one-hour consultation. Each consultation includes an exercise referral, gym induction and Boditrax session, and if you have any concerns or existing symptoms, we can provide help and guidance.

To book your consultation, please call us on 01453 546441 or pop into Reception.