For #FitnessFriday, we’re answering your questions! This one comes from Kerri Davies:

“I’d also love to know the best way to lose weight around the middle! I’ve found it harder after being a mum, my stomach and shape have changed. I love all the classes I do at the Pulse but am struggling to see any difference in the tummy area!”

It’s really important after having children to work out how to switch your core muscles on during a workout. Instructors will often use the term ‘engage your core’. The truth is everyone has core muscles, as without them we would not function, but some people have stronger cores than others.

Test your core out by taking yourself off balance – standing on one leg will make you engage your core and ‘switch on’ your transverse abdominals that are your deepest muscle layer. Also, try exercises such as planks, but be very conscious of your stomach position. You want to make sure you are pulling your tummy in and making sure there is no coning. If you find you do blow your stomach out, you need to simplify the plank onto the knees and keep the lengths of the plank short.

If you’d like any further information about losing weight and toning after having children, our experts are here to help! Have a chat to our team during your next class or when you next visit the gym, or email to arrange a programme appointment.